What is a Properly Stocked First Aid Kit?

Whether you are at home, at work, on a vacation or a road trip, being ready in the case of a minor medical emergency is always advisable. One way of achieving this task is to have a properly stocked first aid bag or kit. This involves understanding the benefits of having first aid emergency supplies and knowing how to properly stock the kit with the right types of supplies to meet your needs and situation.

Why you need a First Aid Supply Kit

Since life is filled with accidents and emergency situations, having a first aid bag or kit is a necessity. First aid may be simple or complex and the purpose of a kit is to have supplies to provide emergency medical care when an illness or injury occurs. This is usually done for basic care or until more comprehensive or serious medical treatment is available. Some benefits of a first aid bag include:

•Having quick and easy access to supplies for emergency medical care,
•Responding immediately to minor injuries or sickness,
•Helping to prevent extreme loss of blood and infection,
•Preventing a serious injury from developing into a more chronic problem,
•Minimizing and preventing the risks of death.

How to Assemble a Well Stocked First Aid Kit

An emergency medical kit is only as good as its contents. You may buy a pre-assembled kit or put together one. When assembling your emergency medical kit you should consider the following guidelines.

•Medical needs of the users,
•Usage type, whether professional, recreational, for the home or travel,
•Easy-to-reach location for all users,
•Portability, if needed to be taken to an emergency site,
•Regular maintenance to restock used supplies and check expiration dates and batteries,
•Access to emergency phone numbers and addresses for healthcare providers.

What Items should be in a Properly Stocked First Aid Kit

One of the pain purposes of a first aid bag or kit is to be ready for minor emergencies and injuries. Emergency medical kits may vary depending on the specific needs, conditions, the usage and number of users. Supplies for a properly stocked first aid bag may be categorized into basic, instruments, medications and emergency items. Some of the items to be included are as follows:

Basic Supplies

•Variety of bandages and adhesive tapes,
•Sterilized cotton balls and swabs,
•Varying sizes gauze pads and rolls,
•Disposable gloves,
•Alcohol wipes and hand sanitizer.


•Bulb Syringe.


•Pain relievers,
•Decongestants and antihistamines,
•Hydrocortisone cream,
•Anti-diarrhea medication,
•Calamine lotion and antibiotic ointment.

Emergency Supplies

•First-Aid instruction manual,
•Flashlight and batteries,
•Insect repellent,
•Phone and contact information for local emergency services and doctors.

The development and popularity of technology and social media has made it easier to find current information on what a properly stocked first aid kit should look like. With the different emergency medical needs and circumstances that may occur, no one type of first aid supplies may cover every case. However, regardless of the situation, some standard items are essential.

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