The 7 Cases of Never Event in Medical Malpractice

Whenever you decide to take a trip to the doctor’s office, the one and the most important thing that you are relying on them on is their knowledge and competence to determine what is bothering or ailing you and attempt to try and help you relieve the pain or cure you by offering some treatments, prescriptions or drugs. Nobody imagines that soon they will have to look for a medical malpractice lawyer Toronto  to deal with a medical malpractice claim case.

You literally depend on them to help you out and make your better health-wise by using their judgments to provide you with the best end results for your specific medical condition. But unfortunately, some people come to find out the hard way that doctors are also humans, and they will not always be perfect all of the time. It is understandable, though, that some mistakes will always happen. However, there are some which you find that no doctor should make under any circumstance. These errors are called ‘never events’. They are what are considered to be medical malpractices.

What is a never event?

A never event is, basically, a mistake which is so extreme that it is considered inexcusable. They are the medical errors which should never occur. It doesn’t matter what the condition is or whichever situation the doctor was in. Here is a list of some of these never events.

1. Surgical mistakes

These are the errors which occur during surgery and they can include anything from performing surgery on a wrong patient or even on the wrong part of the body. There are instances where surgeons have left surgical equipment inside their patients also.

2. Device or product mistakes

These are the never events which involve devices and products and can include the misuse of a product or device which may be contaminated or even a drug which may even end up resulting in the death of the patient.

3. Radiological events

Whenever any metal is introduced into the MRI scanner or area, this mistake can end up causing serious injury, sometimes even death to the patient. This negligence from the healthcare provider handling the patient is also considered a never event.

4. Environmental events

Environmental events such as having oxygen lines which contain the wrong gas or even don’t have any gas at all, burn injuries, electrical shock, and even using restraints on a patient which can all result in serious injuries to the patient or even death.

5. Patient protection mistakes

Whenever a doctor or hospital discharges a patient who still can’t care for him/herself to an unauthorized person, or even in situations where the patient disappears from the hospital and is found later with subsequent injuries, disabilities, or even death, it can also be considered to be a never event.

6. Medical care management events

These may include medication errors, unsafe administration of blood product which may also result in serious injury or death, unsafe environment or harm to the mother and or the baby during and after childbirth, loss of biological specimen, etc. The never events in this category are virtually limitless.

7. Criminal acts

There are situations where you also find that medical care is being provided by a person who is only impersonating a medical professional but isn’t one. Also, when a patient is abducted in the medical facility, a patient is physically or sexually abused within the facility, etc. These acts are also considered to be never events.

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