8 reasons why you should go for dental implants

Considering replacing a missing tooth? A prosthodontist may recommend dental implants for the following reasons.

1. Improved Appearance

A major reason why missing teeth would bother you so is because they make you feel like you look unsightly. Who doesn’t want to look their best, right? Implants are designed to feel and look like your natural teeth. They fuse with the bone hence becoming permanent. You may be able to learn more information at Prosthodontic Associates.

2. Better Speech

Unlike other dental replacement options such as dentures, dental implants fit well in your mouth. Because of this, you have the assurance that you will not mumble or slur as a result of your teeth slipping.

3. Comfort

Implants are fixed well onto the jaw hence they feel natural and comfortable. There is no slipping, and so you won’t go through the hassle of constantly trying to fit them back into place as would be the case with dentures.

4. Easy eating

Because dental implants are fixed well on the jaw, chewing is easy. You can enjoy your favorite foods, including those that make a chore out of chewing with confidence and without feeling the least bit of pain.

5. Good oral health

Dental implants allow you to maintain good oral health in two ways. First of all, the attachment of implants does not involve the tampering with of any of your natural teeth and so does not bring on any complications in your future. This assures you of improved oral health in the long run. Secondly, they allow for easier access to the spaces between teeth thus improving oral hygiene. You can remove bits of stuck food particles with no strain.

6. Durability

Implants last a long time. In fact, with proper care, they could easily last a lifetime. Because of this, they are the best long-term dental replacement option. On top of the benefit of being durable, they are cost-effective as they do not need to be replaced constantly.

7. Convenience

Implants do not bring about the inconvenience of removing and reattaching teeth as do dentures, an alternative dental replacement option. They also do not require the use of adhesive substances which are messy.

8. Protection of healthy bone

The jawbone tends to deteriorate when it is not being used to support teeth. Implants, whose purpose are to replace missing teeth, solve this problem. It is also worth noting that of all the dental restoration options, implants are the only option that preserves the jawbone and stimulates the growth of the jaw bone.

A prosthodontist will advice on the right implants after an examination.

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