4 Reasons Why You May Need to Take a DNA Test

Technology, just the same as most things, has its positive sides as well as its negative sides. Most of the time, though, technology really is a beautiful thing — especially when it comes to tracing a person’s DNA. Thanks to advances in technology, people are being proven innocent of heinous crimes that they were sent to prison for and other people are able to locate long-lost family members. Unless you have a particular reason to do so, most people don’t ever have DNA tests done. But there are several circumstances when DNA testing may be absolutely necessary for a person.

1. Receiving Death Benefits

When a person dies, he or she can leave behind money or even a piece of property to someone who he or she cares for, which is called an inheritance. Sometimes, though, there are other benefits that can be left to someone, such as an insurance policy or Social Security benefits, that are called death benefits. When this happens, the insurance company or the government, will require that the person take a DNA test to prove that he or she is actually related to the deceased in order to receive the benefits.

2. The Custody of a Child

When a child is born to parents who aren’t married, there may be a few difficulties for the people involved. For example, if the parents are separated and don’t get along very well, child custody may have to be established by the court system. Or, if one of the parents doesn’t want to be in the picture at all, the court will assign child support obligations to the absentee parent. When these things happen, the relation between the child and the parent must be determined before any decision can be made by the court, which is where DNA testing comes in.

3. Wanting to Know Where You Come From

Some people spend their entire lives not knowing where they come from. This is especially the case for children who have been adopted and have no clue about their biological families. Thanks to DNA testing, these people can trace back their roots and learn a bit about their history. Also, this is especially convenient for those who enjoy learning about their genealogy.

4. DNA Testing for Immigration Purposes

We live in a world where immigration is an extremely touchy topic. Luckily, legal DNA testing is becoming a widely accepted form of proof of relation. This is especially important in immigration cases when a family member is trying to move to a country where his or her family is already naturalized. Thanks to DNA testing, a simple swab of the mouth or a vial or two of blood, can unite families that have been separated for far too long.

DNA testing is an incredible advancement in technology. Not only can it reunite families and establish paternity but it can also change people’s lives dramatically. If you want to trace your family, whether for fun or for a purpose, do your research and find a DNA testing site online!

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