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Heart Disease
Heart Disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. Get your heart checked today!
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Eye Health
Annual eye checkups for the detection of glaucoma and cataracts is important for good eye health
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Prenatal Care
A healthy newborn begins before it is born. Learn about the importance of infant health
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Diabetes rates continue to rise year over year. Learn what preventative measures you can take.
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Primary Health Care

Primary Healthcare Services 

Our services include, prevention and treatment of common diseases and injuries, basic emergency services, primary mental health care, as well as healthy child development.

Outpatient Rehabilitation

Outpatient Rehabilitation Services 

Our rehabilitation services offers rehabilitation for people with complex brain injuries, head injuries, and chronic headaches.

Cardiac Clinic

Cardiac Services

Our Cardiology Team uses preventative therapy and detailed testing to determine a patient’s risk of developing cardiac diseases.

Eye Care

Eye Care Services 

We offer comprehensive eye exams for adults and children, laser vision correction, as well as treatment for glaucoma and cataracts.

Latest News

  • 4 Reasons Why You May Need to Take a DNA Test

    Technology, just the same as most things, has its positive sides as well as its negative sides. Most of the time, though, technology really is a beautiful thing — especially when it comes to tracing a person’s DNA. Thanks to advances in technology, people are being proven innocent of heinous crimes that they were sent to prison for and other people are able to locate long-lost family members. Unless you have a particular reason to do so, most people don’t ever have DNA tests done. But there are several circumstances when DNA testing may be absolutely necessary for a person.

  • 4 Ways That Goat Milk Can Be Beneficial

    Milk has proven itself to be an integral part of a daily breakfast whether it is included in the cereal or simply had as a drink by itself. After all, milk has several nutrients that people need to be able to start their days off on the right foot. However, there are many people around the world who do not realize that there are several different types of milk available. There are milks ranging from rice milk to almond milk and even to goat milk. Compared to traditional cow’s milk, goat milk has also proven itself to be one of the best types of milk that a person can drink for a multitude of reasons.

  • 5 Dental Implants Maintenance Tips

    Dental implants are an excellent solution for replacing lost teeth. Besides, they are strong like natural teeth, and they are not prone to cavities. However, you need to take care of your implants to ensure that they maintain their strength and durability.

  • 4 Things a Psychotherapist Can Do for You

    The human mind is a painfully complex organ that scientists of all kinds have yet to fully understand. Without the brain, humans wouldn’t be living creatures anymore. The brain controls nearly every aspect of a person’s life from keeping the body alive to influencing emotions. However, there are times when the brain does more harm than good. Whether this problem shows itself in a developmental disability or relationship issues, it can be difficult to overcome the difficulties that the mind can present to people. Thankfully, there are ways that people can overcome these issues. By visiting a psychotherapist, a person can gain a deeper understanding as to how his or her mind works as well as understand how to cope with this new knowledge.

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    6 Reasons Why You Need To Visit A Chiropractor

    Visiting a chiropractor for many seems like a waste of money. The old joke about chiropractors making peoples backs worse than before they came is a stigma that chiropractor have had to deal with for a very long time.

  • The 5 Little Known Things That Audiologist Also Do

    An audiologist Calgary is a specialist in the health-care industry who deals with diagnosing, treating, evaluating and managing hearing problems in newborns, children and adults. There are numerous misconceptions about hearing conditions with the main being that it affects the elderly and a few people. Contrary to this notion, millions of people are suffering from certain hearing conditions and in fact, hearing loss is the leading common health problem after heart diseases and arthritis. Despite this alarming fact, very few people comprehend the importance of visiting an audiologist regularly. Below are five little known things that audiologists also do:

  • The 7 Cases of Never Event in Medical Malpractice

    Whenever you decide to take a trip to the doctor’s office, the one and the most important thing that you are relying on them on is their knowledge and competence to determine what is bothering or ailing you and attempt to try and help you relieve the pain or cure you by offering some treatments, prescriptions or drugs. Nobody imagines that soon they will have to look for a medical malpractice lawyer Toronto to deal with a medical malpractice claim case.

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    4 Advice From A Dentist To Keep Your Pearly Whites Shining

    Regular brushing and flossing are the key to good overall health, and visiting Oshawa Dentist. You should try to brush at least two to three times a day to make sure that your teeth look good and stay healthy. The best time to brush your teeth is after you eat a meal. You should floss every day to make sure that the plaque in between your teeth is removed. Although the act of flossing may be a little painful at first, it will get better over time. Make sure that you have a normal routine and take care of your oral health every day.

  • 8 reasons why you should go for dental implants

    Considering replacing a missing tooth? A prosthodontist may recommend dental implants Toronto for the following reasons.

  • Understanding the Applications, Health Benefits, and Potential Drawbacks of Essential Oils

    For centuries, mankind has been using essential oils for health and medicinal purposes. Though modern generations have lost the wisdom of their predecessors, vis-à-vis the use of these natural solutions to curb illnesses, these age-old remedies are still very popular in some cultures.

  • Emotional Injuries and Personal Injury Cases

    A physical injury in a personal injury case is a tangible issue with a clear-cut solution. However, mental anguish and emotional distress are other problems that are not so clear-cut and easy to settle. Personal injury lawyer Toronto can assess your case and let you know if you can get compensation for the situation that you are in. All cases are unique, so you will need to take your situation to an expert to find out what he or she can do for you.

  • How Home Health Care Services May Aid in Physical Rehab and Recovery

    Suffering a significant injury can all too easily leave accident victims and trauma patients struggling to complete even the most basic everyday task. Relying on friends and family members to provide needed assistance throughout a lengthy physical recovery process is rarely the best option. Home health care services that have the skills, resources and experience needed to better assist patients who may be experiencing impaired physical function or a short-term loss of ability may prove to be an especially valuable asset. Along with physical therapists, home care agencies can often play a key role in ensuring a speedier and more complete recovery process.

  • 5 Fascinating Facts About Chiropractic Services

    Most people have at least some idea of what chiropractic therapy is and what chiropractors do. In a nutshell, chiropractor Newmarket treat problems in the spine using holistic methods that serve as alternatives to invasive orthopedic surgery, but that’s usually the extent of people’s knowledge. The truth is that chiropractic therapy is surprisingly complex, and there are several aspects to it that will no doubt prove interesting to the average person.

  • Top Signs That You Should Visit a Hearing Clinic for a Hearing Test

    If you have never had much trouble with your hearing in the past, you might not have visited an audiologist for a hearing assessment in a long time. However, even if you haven’t had trouble in the past, there is a chance that you could be experiencing hearing loss now, especially now that you are getting older. These are a few signs that you should consider scheduling an appointment with a hearing clinic for a hearing test and patient consulting.

  • Things to Consider Before Having Plastic Surgery

    It’s a pretty big deal to undergo plastic surgery because the procedure is not only costly but can alter the body in a significant way. There are many types of plastic surgeries too. Just as with any other big decisions, you need to make sure that you have all the information you need before the procedure.

  • Selecting Appropriate Childcare Services

    Many parents find themselves in need of child care, especially in a world that often requires both parents to work. Whether you are seeking full-time childcare during the week or you need part-time services sporadically, keep some pointers in mind to select the most appropriate services for your child.

  • Exploring the Different Types of Retirement Residences

    As you get older, it may become necessary to start thinking about your options as it relates to assisted living. While retirement homes may not be the most glamorous places to be, they offer many services that may help you live a higher quality of life as you age. What should you know before moving into a retirement home Ottawa or any other type of residences designed for older folks?

  • Physiotherapy Prevents Early Death in the Mentally Ill

    Physiotherapy is a growing field, and many universities and medical organizations are dedicating a significant portion of their resources into funding research into its applications. Many people are aware of its applications for joint health and pain management, but recent research also suggests that it can help deal with mental illness. Doctor Brendan Stubbs, the head of physiotherapy at the South London and Maudsley NHS trust, believes that it can help people who suffer from mental illnesses live significantly longer lives.

  • How You Can Sue For Wrongful Birth

    Medical malpractice usually is related to situations where an action is taken by a doctor that causes a patient to be injured or killed. However, there are also situations where an action is taken that causes a patient to be born when this was not the intention of the parents. This occurs when a fetus is screened to determine that the fetus will be suffering from a birth defect. The parents agree to terminate the pregnancy, but the fetus is instead born. Wrongful birth also results from parents not being provided information that is necessary for them to make an informed decision regarding the birth of the child. While some of these cases have been handled by patients on their own, it is usually necessary to hire medical malpractice lawyers Toronto.

  • Enrolling in Accredited Caribbean Medical School

    Every year, tens of thousands of aspiring medical students across Canada select Caribbean Medical Schools and other overseas medical schools to pursue medical degrees. Since Canadian medical schools receive lots of applications than they can possibly admit, they are forced to establish stringent admission requirements. This leaves aspiring candidates with the option to look elsewhere in order to fulfill their dreams of becoming medical practitioners.

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